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New Courses available for Teaching & Academics

New courses available for Teaching & Academics

AI-900 - Azure AI Fundamentals Practice Tests 2021

XaaS Technologies | 180.000+ Students

141 questions - Beginner

The practice exams will help you assess your readiness and ensure that you are fully prepared for the final exam.

6. Romanian grammar: The Pronoun

Radu (Toni) Constantin

19 lectures - 5 total hours - All Levels

The Personal Pronoun

College Admissions Masterclass - Part 2

Ava Gencheva

28 lectures - 4.5 total hours - All Levels

This course will walk the student through the entire college application process including extra-curricular, internship, personal statement, and college costs.

African History Series: African Empires of Ghana and Mali

Fortunatus Onuh

12 lectures - 2 total hours - All Levels

The Formation of Ghana Empire

Master the English Irregular Verbs Once and For All

Carlos Miguel Garcia Escalante

15 lectures - 2 total hours - Intermediate

You´ll master the present, past and Participle of the verbs

German A1 - Learn German with wise short stories

Julia Krist

9 lectures - 3.5 total hours - Intermediate

You will learn different important grammatical subjects for the A1 level

Introduction To Residential Electric

Shariyf Williams

6 lectures - 1 total hour - Beginner

Learn Residential Electric

HVAC :Introduction to IAQ,Filters and Clean Rooms

Prof Dr Mahesh Shelar

7 lectures - 1.5 total hours - Intermediate

Filters in HVAC

Structural Analysis and Internal Forces

Mohammed M. H. Al-Tholaia

8 lectures - 4.5 total hours - All Levels

Truss idealization and simple truss

Wheel Model Control with Full State Feedback Controller

Phinite Academy

8 lectures - 1.5 total hours - All Levels

Control System Theory

Collection of Biology Volume 2

7Active Studio

35 lectures - 2.5 total hours - Intermediate

The Living World

Collection of Biology Volume 3

7Active Studio

56 lectures - 3.5 total hours - Intermediate


Math Olympiad for Class 5 - Problem Solving Approach

Vinuthan S

56 lectures - 2 total hours - All Levels

Asset Mathematics Olympiad for Class 5

Let's learn basic Math

Debra Tiley

17 lectures - 1 total hour - Beginner

Gain an understanding of the basic principals of mathematics