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New Courses available for Teaching & Academics

New courses available for Teaching & Academics

Mock Test on Python

Karuna Maheshwari

120 questions - All Levels

Understand Multiple Choice Question in Python.

Signals and Systems

Dr. Yücel Çimtay

19 lectures - 12.5 total hours - All Levels

fundamentals of signal analysis

Digital Dental solutions in Implant practice


11 lectures - 37 total mins - Intermediate

CAD/CAM Materials in our implant practice

Mastering Negatives in English:

Jeanie Lundbom

5 lectures - 1 total hour - All Levels

Learn how to use all the different types of negatives in English: not, none, neither, nor, any, never, seldom, hardly, and more.

Learn Romanian for Beginners: Master Romanian in 150 Lessons

Dan • 50,000+ Students Worldwide

150 lectures - 13.5 total hours - All Levels

Speak Romanian confidently in common everyday situations

Learn Arabic Fusha from Aljazeera News| Advanced students

Mister Bakoor

5 lectures - 1 total hour - Intermediate

Arabic standard used in the news

American slang, idioms, and phrasal verbs

Dan Gan

6 lectures - 1 total hour - Intermediate

Students will learn American English and cultures through slangs, idioms and phrasal verbs in daily conversation

New Method Learning English - Effortless English

Linguistic Genius

157 lectures - 27.5 total hours - All Levels

How to prepare to study abroad in The USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia

Grammar Test to Find the Most Accurate Sentence - 1

Tsisana Kharabadze

563 questions - All Levels

With this question bank, you will improve yourself and be aware of the issues you are missing. This will show you which subject and area you need more interest and knowledge.

Advance compulsions In English

Mohd Aasif

9 lectures - 40 total mins - All Levels

Students will learn about different types of English Compulsions.

Beginners! Japanese listening & reading improvement

Japan's four seasons(日本の四季) Y Hara

35 lectures - 7.5 total hours - Beginner

You can listen to and speak "Japanese Language" used in daily life.

Learn Cambodian For Beginners - II

Dara Hok

9 lectures - 2 total hours - Beginner

Money Exchange