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New Courses available for Music

New courses available for Music

How To Rap Better With Scatting Like The Notorious B.I.G.

Pat Parra

14 lectures - 36 total mins - Beginner

The Best Starting Point To Learn How To Rap For Beginners

Circle of 5ths for the Harp 2.0 with Monica Schley

Monica Schley

7 lectures - 1 total hour - All Levels

In this workshop, you will learn how to better understand the Circle of 5ths. What is it? How can I apply this music theory to playing harp? We will: - Review basic hand shapes and technique at the harp - Look at a PDF of the Circle of 5th - Play exercises for better understanding the order of the Circle of 5ths - Practice chordal arpeggios - Learn a song with the melody of the Circle of 5ths - Understand how "Fly Me to the Moon" uses the Circle of 5ths

Calentamiento vocal para hombres. 7 dias!

Natalia Bliss

7 lectures - 1.5 total hours - Intermediate

T├ęcnica vocal, canto, calentamiento vocal