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New Courses available for Health & Fitness

New courses available for Health & Fitness

Jeet Kune Do Level 2 - Straight Kicking

Rob Doggett

5 lectures - 1.5 total hours - All Levels

In this course, you'll learn some of the basic straight line kicks in Jeet Kune Do.

Jeet Kune Do Level 1 - Power Punches

Rob Doggett

5 lectures - 1.5 total hours - All Levels

In this course, you'll learn many of the curving punches used in JKD such as various hooks, uppercuts, backfists, and more!

Fall Prevention and Management in Emergency Medical Services

Keli Zemke

6 lectures - 31 total mins - All Levels

The role of occupational therapists in fall prevention/management within the Emergency Medical Service field.

Aprende Primeros Auxilios De 0 a 100

Alexandro Martín Valmaceda Tomé

70 lectures - 7 total hours - All Levels

Desarrollarás tu capacidad de proporcionar ayuda cualificada en múltiples situaciones de emergencia, a tu familia, amigos o compañeros de trabajo o estudio.

NAIKAN Introspection

Yukiko Sato

9 lectures - 40 total mins - Beginner

Japanese self-reflection to help you find your IKIGAI

Grandmaster Chess Introduction

Veena Nair

6 lectures - 1 total hour - Beginner

Introduction to the game of Chess

Healthy Lifestyle- Heal your life

Nistha Sharma

8 lectures - 1 total hour - All Levels

Emotional healing, Overcoming fear and anxiety

Change your life forever! Fitness & weight loss course

Arun Gray

80 lectures - 4 total hours - Beginner

Live a happier life knowing that you are achieving your goals

Level 1 Teacher Training Diploma Resistance Band

Zayra Mo

24 lectures - 4.5 total hours - All Levels

Resistance Band Exercises

Indian Head Massage & Head Massage Techniques Diploma Course

Manik Miah

11 lectures - 2 total hours - All Levels

Origin of Indian Head Massage