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New Courses available for Marketing > Digital Marketing

New courses available for Marketing > Digital Marketing

DV360 - Step by Step Guide

Ovais Ahmad

11 lectures - 2.5 total hours - Intermediate

DV360 - Step by Step Guide - Programmatic Advertising | Display and Video 360

Identify and decode your ideal client

German Coppola

27 lectures - 4.5 total hours - Beginner

Identify and decode who your ideal customer = AKA: AVATAR

Masterclass: how to make income by blogging [for beginners]

abhi J

5 lectures - 2 total hours - All Levels

learn how to create a WordPress blog website - Quick and Easy!

The online marketer’s MCQ practice test

WebTech Studies

40 questions - All Levels

Questions with explanations, in a well-organized manner

The LAZY Podcaster: Podcast with ZERO Effort

Nick Donnelly

31 lectures - 1 total hour - All Levels

How to Make a Weekly Podcast in Only 3 Hours a Month

Startup Digital Marketing Consultant Tool Kit

Sai Karthik

28 lectures - 1.5 total hours - Beginner

This course helps startup owners and digital marketers about different tools and strategies to increase the business