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New Courses available for Business

New courses available for Business

Keeping Your Fingers on the Project Pulse [Earn 5.5 PDUs]

EduGantt PM Training

33 lectures - 2.5 total hours - All Levels

How to distinguish yourself as a project manager.

PMP Math: Explained

Dean Sheppard MSc. PMP

25 lectures - 6 total hours - Intermediate

Everything you need to know to successfully answer the math and technical questions on the CAPM and PMP exams

MOS Excel 2016 Expert Exam

Michael Carter

8 lectures - 1.5 total hours - All Levels


BUY & HOLD: How To Buy, Fix, Tenant, & Manage Rentals

Ben Clardy

46 lectures - 5.5 total hours - All Levels

Learn if BUY & HOLD investing is REALLY the right move for you

The Foundations of Successful Project Initiation [Earn 5PDU]

EduGantt PM Training

25 lectures - 2 total hours - All Levels

How to distinguish yourself as a project manager.

Project Management Essentials: Ace Your Next Project!

Sara Gallagher, PMP

39 lectures - 2.5 total hours - Beginner

Learn to manage a project all on your own, regardless of your professional background

Make your remote collaboration effective

Na Jamie Zhang

5 lectures - 1 total hour - All Levels

How to make remote collaborations effective and efficient

Mindset for sales

Tony Morris

14 lectures - 31 total mins - Beginner

How to get into the right frame of mind when selling

Write Great Emails: Effective Business Communication Skills

Robin Duong

36 lectures - 3 total hours - All Levels

How to write effective emails

Your 10K Launch Plan

Dr. Peace Uche

5 lectures - 3 total hours - All Levels

Attract leads through proper messaging