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New Courses available for Lifestyle

New courses available for Lifestyle

How to Solve Litter Box Aversion

Kelly Myers, MS, UW-AAB, DN-CCP

8 lectures - 1 total hour - Intermediate

What cats look for in a litter box.

The Ultimate Travel Hacking Course

Shelley Seale

58 lectures - 4.5 total hours - All Levels

Travel methods

Magick 104: The Kybalion's Seven Principles

Nicholas Guillette

10 lectures - 1 total hour - Beginner

The seven principles of the kybalion and how to apply them to magick

Systematic Haircutting - Classic Cut Workshop

Marcus Curth

5 lectures - 2 total hours - Intermediate

Systematic Haircutting - Advanced Haircuts for Hairdressers

Plum and Snow picture in classical Chinese Painting style

Olga Sumarokova

7 lectures - 33 total mins - Intermediate

-Painting Plum petals, buds, branches using Chinese technique

Hand Poke Tattoo / FULL basic of ritual hand tattooing

Lily Lu

16 lectures - 4 total hours - Beginner

The full basic of hand poke tattooing

Tattoo Machine Building / Pimp & REBUILD your gun

Lily Lu

18 lectures - 5 total hours - Beginner

How to pimp a tattoo machine

Fabulous Candle Making For All - Candler Level 1 Certified

Tania Magdalene

50 lectures - 4.5 total hours - Beginner

Learn how to make candles at home