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New Courses available for Design

New courses available for Design

Learn To Make Braided Friendship Bracelets

Bridie Appleby-Gunnill

12 lectures - 1 total hour - Beginner

How to braid friendship bracelets and patterns

Parametric Twisted Forms and w/ Rhino & Grasshopper

David Copete

8 lectures - 38 total mins - Intermediate

How to use Grasshopper for Rhino

Create Cinematic Loops in Cinema 4D & After Effects

Don Mupasi

17 lectures - 3 total hours - Beginner

Creating & animating characters using Mixamo


Gabriele Ranfagni

5 lectures - 4 total hours - Intermediate

a great workflow to succed in a 3d animation of a creature

Create A Space Train Scene With Cinema 4D & Redshift Render

Don Mupasi

15 lectures - 2.5 total hours - Intermediate

Basic modelling tools in Cinema 4D

Beginner Tattoo Course / Learn the FULL basic of tattooing

Lily Lu

17 lectures - 4 total hours - Beginner

The full basic of tattooing

Aesprite for Beginners

Mahmud Shuaib

61 lectures - 12.5 total hours - Beginner

How to create pixel art with Aesprite

Learn How To Create Fashionable Seed Bead Earrings

Margarita Petersone

8 lectures - 1.5 total hours - All Levels

How to create beaded beads

Drawing and Sketching for Designers (and Everyone Else!)

Chad Neuman, Ph.D.

93 lectures - 10.5 total hours - Beginner

Effectively communicate visually with drawing.